Major Mistakes That Mid-Life Career Shifters Often Make and How to Avoid Them


There is no point in wasting your time in a career that no longer makes you happy. When you switch to a new field, you are not throwing away years of hard work down the drain. You are pursuing a path that will give your life meaning and fulfillment.

However, before you take the plunge, are you ready? Here are the biggest mistakes that you should avoid when transitioning to a new career.

Not Having a Financial Plan

Do not quit your job just yet. Many career shifters make the mistake of leaving their current employment without a sound financial plan in place.

You have to be prepared with whatever challenges you might face during the shift. You might, for example, need to sign up to a health coach training provider to gain the necessary knowledge and experience that will enable you to help clients reach their fitness goals.

You also have to consider that, when switching careers, you probably will have to start at the bottom of the ladder. While you enjoy higher pay in your old job, be ready to make major lifestyle changes.

There is the possibility that you would not have a job for a while until you are equipped with the tools you need for the career you want. You should have enough money, therefore, to be able to support yourself for years.

You Do Not Know What You Are Getting Into

The career you want is not all glitz and glamour. If you want to be a television presenter or a model, you should dig deeper into what your life would be like once you enter the industry.

Their life and their job might look easy to outsiders but, in reality, they are required to work long hours, including weekends and holidays. Are you really going to be happy despite making major sacrifices in your personal life? Would it be worth it?

Explore the new career that you are aiming for. Dig as deep as you can. Read books written by industry leaders, talk to people within the industry so you have an idea of what the profession would require from you.

Shifting Careers for the Wrong Reason

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When you have been doing the same task for years, it is natural to feel bored and unsatisfied. Maybe your current employers do not appreciate the work that you put in. Maybe you are not making enough money.

Running away to a new career will not make your problems go away. In fact, most likely, you will have new or similar problems in the career that you wanted to enter.

Instead of leaving your job, make efforts to solve the problems that you are experiencing right now. If you are bored, ask your boss to give you tasks that you think makes better use of your skills. If you feel stagnant, ask for a promotion, especially if you deserve it. In case you have improved your situation but you are still unhappy, that is when you should look into switching careers.

You Give Up Too Quickly

The shift will not be easy. As previously mentioned, you will need to start from the bottom of the ladder and climb your way to the top. You will experience failures and it might take you a long time before you reach some semblance of success.

You should be sure that switching careers is what you wanted because, otherwise, you might find yourself quitting.

These mistakes are not meant to discourage you but prepare you for what lies ahead. Knowing what not to do will allow you to avoid making these mistakes in the future.


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