The Different Events in Your Childhood and How They Affect You As an Adult

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Can you still remember what happened to you when you were a baby? What is your earliest memory? Do you remember moving from one state to another? How did your parents argue in front of you? Did they fight fairly or did they throw insults at each other? A child’s early home environment has a profound impact on his well-being and ability to succeed in the future. This is why you should be extra careful about how you communicate with your children because they will take this with them when they grow old.

Are you having a hard time socializing? That might be because of something that happened in your life before. You can still attend social skills training for adults online to take care of these problems. But what about the other things that may or may not scar you for life? How do adults deal with something that happened to them decades ago?

The first step is to understand how these experiences impact your adulthood. Do you have a hard time trusting people because your father left you? Are you cheerful and friendly because you’ve had a great childhood surrounded by family and friends? You’ll be surprised how certain experiences and the home environment can impact your life as an adult.

Children Who Defied Their Parents Are More Likely to Succeed

This is one of the most interesting results of some research. A child’s ability to succeed depends not just on IQ, the parents’ socioeconomic status, and the education attained. It also depends on how defiant you were as a child. Another study said that agreeable adults don’t make as much money as disagreeable adults. The ability to stand up for yourself will help you achieve more in life. At least, financially speaking.

You Are More Adjusted If Your Parents Fought Fairly

How your parents argued can affect you in ways you may not even notice. Whether your parents are divorced or not doesn’t matter more than how they fought in front of you. It’s not that parents shouldn’t fight. That’s impossible. However, they should fight fair. They should argue with reason and respect. If the children see that there are compromise and support, they will bring these positive emotions into their adulthood. They are better at socializing, and they are also more secured with their emotions.

Poor Relationships With Parents Are More Likely When They Divorce When You Were Young

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Many thought that if your parents divorced, you will have poor romantic relationships. That’s not always true. Studies showed that you’ll have poor relationships with your parents instead, particularly to your father. That usually happens if the parents got divorced when you were between three and five. As you grow older, you’ll have a better understanding that your parents’ divorce doesn’t mean they love you less.

Social Skills Can Determine Your Ability to Earn a College Degree

A 20-year study said that socially competent children are more likely to earn a college degree than socially inept children. This study was done across the country between the time the subjects were in kindergarten up to the time they turn 25. Competency in socializing means since kindergarten, the children cooperated with their peers. They must also be helpful and understand the feelings of others.

On the other hand, children with limited social skills have higher chances of getting into trouble. They can get arrested and are likely to have a substance abuse problem.

Daughters of Working Moms Earn More

The Harvard Business School says that children of working mothers are more likely to be bosses in the future. They also earn more money compared to kids of stay-at-home mothers. Sons of working moms tend to help more in household chores and childcare. This alone shows that role models play a significant part in teaching you the value of gender equality.

Trying to Act Mature in High School Can Bring Problems Later in Life

Most high school students think that being mature means smoking, drinking alcohol, and doing drugs. They engage in these activities because they thought that these are going to make them look cool. The problem is that these activities can lead to bigger issues. They will try to do more extreme activities and behavior to look cool.

The results of these studies will let you peer into why adults act the way they do. Of course, these are not conclusive. They cannot predict how any person will turn out based on how their childhood went. The takeaway, however, is that childhood events may have a profound impact on a person’s life.


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