How to Apply Airbrush Makeup Seamlessly

Makeup artist putting on foundation

Makeup is used to blur out one’s imperfections, helping boost their self-confidence. Hundreds of women (and even men) wear makeup and through the years, the beauty industry has definitely blown up.

Traditional makeup is widely used, but when it comes to the modeling and film industry, airbrush makeup is prefered. Wrinkles, blemishes, and other imperfections can easily be seen through HD cameras, which is why makeup artists prefer using airbrush makeup than traditional when it comes to photo shoots and weddings.

If you are an aspiring makeup artist who is trying to enroll in an airbrush makeup course, then read on as today, we will discuss a couple of tips you should follow when it comes to doing airbrush makeup.

Familiarise Yourself

Do not rush everything and make sure to practice before finally trying to do airbrush makeup on a model. Use water so you can gauge the different airbrush gun compressor settings. The machine can be quite difficult to handle at first, but once you get the technique that you want, you can easily use it the next time.

Make sure to maintain a steady hand and wrist when spraying and holding the gun. Do not stay in just one spot, as the product can build up easily. Move your hand continuously so the product will be spread out evenly.

Use the Right Techniques

Once you know how to hold the gun properly, make sure to use the right techniques. Do not hold it too close to the face, as this can cause the product crack and stay in one place. Hold it a few inches away from the face and adjust the settings so the gun will spray just the right amount. Avoid over-spraying on just one spot, as the makeup will look patchy.

Clean the Gun

Model with an airbrush makeup

Get an airbrush cleaner and make sure to always clean your gun after each use. Letting it sit dirty can cause damage, and having it repaired can be expensive.

Remember to flush the gun and use a cleaner before using a different shade or makeup product. For example, if you just used a foundation and you want to use a blusher or contour shade next, then make sure to flush out all of the foundation. You can also use clean water to flush out the makeup before using a new shade or product.

Use the Right Products

You cannot use traditional makeup on your airbrush machine. Avoid using traditional foundation, blusher, contour, and other liquid products, as these are too thick and can clog your airbrush. The application will also look terrible, so make sure to avoid doing this, no matter how tempting it gets.

Make sure to get bottles of airbrush makeup. You can buy a couple of bottles of foundation and other makeup products, and make sure to buy different shades if you are planning on doing this for a living. You would have to do makeup for different models and clients with different skin types and shades, so you will most likely want to expand your collection.

Airbrush makeup can be quite tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy doing it. Do your research or ask your trainer for some tips when it comes to doing airbrush makeup. Enjoy the process!


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