Making Sure that Your Child Is in Good Hands While You’re Away

Children playing in the playroom

It can be a challenge to find a daycare center to look after your child while you’re at work. If only your job allowed you to take your child with you every day, that would solve the problem without costing you anything. Sadly, while you can get away with a day or two every week with your child in tow, it’s just not the best situation.

Gleaning from institutions such as Smart Kids Development Center, there’s no shortage of childcare services in Salt Lake City. However, don’t just settle for the first one you see. Check that they have the following:

Child-friendly Activities

You are leaving your child in the hands of people who are supposed to know what they need for the day and can provide unfailing services while you’re off to work. Not all places are equal, unfortunately. Some of them take advantage of the fact that you will not be hanging around to see what they are doing.

Before you enroll your kid for child care, ask about the kinds of activities the center offers. They should do more than just let children stay in front of the TV the whole day. They should have activities that encourage critical thinking in children and help them develop problem-solving skills. There should be plenty of time to interact with their peers, but children should not be forced to do something they have expressed discomfort in doing.

Qualified Staff

The activities children do at daycare say a lot about the kind of staff the place employs, but even with great events lined up, some of the staff might still do questionable things. It’s not uncommon to read reports about child abuse in a daycare center, which means you should be extra careful in finding the place to leave your child in.

At the first sign of maltreatment, be ready to talk to the person running the place and point out which individual is at fault. Each member of the staff should display child-friendly behavior, and they should not behave inappropriately around the children. They should also be ready to step in, in case children have a disagreement.

Healthy Food

Little girl eating a healthy meal

Infants have their milk formula for the day, which should be prepared properly. Small children should be given food suitable for their age to prevent choking or having an upset stomach. Childcare centers usually cater to children up to 12 years old; while children might have already developed their food preferences, the daycare should not encourage unhealthy eating habits. It’s a bad example to younger children, and it will set them up to think they can get away with eating junk food when their parents are not around.

A simple inquiry about the menu should do the trick, especially if your children would be there most of the day. You might think that you can correct unhealthy eating habits at home, but if this is how things go daily, you will be fighting a losing battle.

You don’t stop being a parent when your child is not with you. Wherever they are, you should make sure that they are in good hands.

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