A Guide for New Cat-Parents: 4 Ways to Take Care of Your Cat

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Much has been said about the many good reasons to get a pet, particularly a cat. For some, it is all about companionship, especially those who live on their own. For others, it is all about having someone to give their love and attention. Regardless, getting a pet surely comes with a lot of benefits.

When it comes to pets, you may be tempted to get a dog, but there are times when they are filled with unstoppable energy that keeping up with them will tire you. If you want a low-key and low-maintenance pet, a cat is something you may want to consider.

Being a cat-parent may be exciting, but just because your cat is low-maintenance does not mean that you will not take care of them properly. As you are new to this, there are actually some ways you can make things much easier. Here are some of the pointers to keep in mind:

1. Setting Aside Some Time for Your Cat

Again, you may have an impression that your cat is low-maintenance. It is true, but keep in mind that your cat will still have a lot of time with you. This is especially true while your cat is still a kitten.

Kittens are high-energy fur balls that need a lot of play, so set aside time for playtime. This will help strengthen their bones and make them much more alert and attentive. If you want to keep your cat distracted, you may choose to provide them with toys. Just make sure that they are not bored, as they may resort to destroying household items.

2. Feeding Basics

Cat in front of two metal bowlsFor your cat to be healthy, you need to feed them well. Do not just feed them leftovers, as that may not be good for them — some food items are not good for a cat’s health, and they may even poison them. Feed your cat based on their conditions or health status. For one, if your pet is suffering from a urinary tract infection, give them the right cat food.

3. How to House-train

When it comes to cat behavior, it is important to keep your pet from being bored. Failure to do so may result in destructive behaviors. You may find your drapes and sofa scratched down. To keep your cat disciplined, you will need to house-train them. One of the things you need to do is encourage them to use the litter box. Give them a scratching post and let them explore your home by building a cat bridge.

4. Visiting the Vet

Of course, you will need to keep your kittens and cats healthy. You will need to take them to the vet to monitor their health. This is something that you should do as soon as possible, especially if your cat is growing old.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to take care of your cat much more easily. Seek some advice from your fellow cat-parents.

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