Benefits of Volunteering : How Can You Choose One for Yourself?

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Volunteerism simply means involving more people in tasks to gain better results. People volunteer for community services like fixing public properties, planting houses, counseling young kids, nursing, running a food drive, etc. The goal is to help those who’ve lacked somewhere in the privileges that others easily enjoy or build a better environment by fixing damages.

There’s another aspect of volunteering called business volunteering, where employees volunteer to better the business. They learn leadership skills and business strategies that lead them to achieve higher positions like consulting or other editorial posts. They can choose to be strategy consultants, business succession planning professionals, marketing consultants, etc.

Volunteerism can mean different to different people. People make a specific contribution by volunteering which leads to the well-being of underprivileged people in society and themselves.

Benefits of volunteering for the volunteers

Volunteerism benefits both givers and receivers. It’s the desire to help that leads volunteers to do everything for the needy. One might think it is quite beneficial for the community and the needy, but it’s equally profitable for the volunteers. Here’s how:

  1. Make a difference: Are you just sitting at home hearing about all the bad things happening in the world? It will not make any difference if you do nothing about it. With volunteering, you get a chance to be a part of the change. You get to be with people and teams who work hard to change things for the better. Just think about what you strongly believe in — it can be helping out cancer patients, helping refugees or animals, and go for it. You’ll not regret it.
  1. Gain experience: Volunteering generally involves a lot of activities with influential people. College students bake cakes to raise funds for cancer patients outside a lecture hall. Consider the benefits of this:
  • You get to meet professors
  • You get to hear their lectures on ideas of a better world
  • You get to make new friends who share your zeal for kindness
  • People start to recognize you as someone who works for what he believes in
  1. Increase your employment prospects: Having a volunteering badge in your resume is always a plus when going job hunting. No matter what job is applying to, companies are always on the hunt for employees who excel in a wide range of fields. Having volunteering experience will put you on top of your competitors.

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Top Volunteer programs that you can participate in

  1. Global Vision International (United Kingdom)

Global Vision International focuses on high-quality conservation and community building. They’ve conducted 150+ projects across the globe with 25000+ volunteers. Their programs can be anywhere from 1 week to 6 months. For young students, who wish to travel while volunteering, shorter programs are better. GVI has a staff of 150 members who dedicatedly help volunteers fulfill their tasks while taking care of their needs and enjoyment.

  1. Fronteering (Canada)

This is focused on wildlife and environment conservation. They also help out indigenous people and local communities. You just have to choose a field that you’re interested in, and they’ll send you out to volunteer in local areas where people need the most help.

  1. GoEco (Israel)

This globally acclaimed organization is always looking for passionate volunteers who are ready to work on the field to save rare species and the environment. They’ve conducted more than 150 programs across the globe that cater to wildlife, the environment, and community building. One of the most famous projects includes saving and preserving the wildlife in the Israel desert while providing help to educate people who live there. They also run a preservation and education program in Cambodia where volunteers help teach in schools and preserve the school buildings.

  1. English Teaching Programme (Cape Verde)

This program in Cape Verde allows you to teach English to less fortunate children so that they can make a life outside their world. This is a very popular program among volunteers who prefer education as their volunteering option. If you’re interested, you can research online and find the right organization that conducts this program.

  1. Animal Rescue and Conservation (Costa Rica)

This country is a heaven for animal lovers as it consists of several wildlife species that need protection. The heavy density of reptiles, amphibians, and birds needs conservation, and volunteering programs are there to help with this.

One can volunteer in one’s own country or as a foreigner. It makes you a better person. Also, it makes up for an excellent plus point in your job CV. Any company would love to hire someone who’s passionate about their beliefs, and don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Consider what you’re passionate about and join a volunteer program of your choice.


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