Work or School?: Why Choose When You Can Do Both

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After getting a high school diploma, it’s only natural for people to pursue tertiary education and get a bachelor’s degree. This is because receiving higher education is now seen as a key that opens the door to the highly competitive job market, which other promising degree holders oversaturate.

There was a time when going to college was optional because of the expensive tuition fees, but because it’s now seen as the only way to be hired for positions in the corporate world, thousands of students are left to deal with their debt. Some even defer from university because they can no longer afford the costs of higher education.

Education is a basic human right, but not everyone has the privilege to afford it. Some people forego their dreams of earning their bachelor’s degree altogether because they would rather help their family earn a living by finding a job.

However, some students try to balance working and studying but struggle because the traditional format of higher education is inflexible. Luckily, new developments in education paved the way for distance learning, which can allow people to pursue both work and school simultaneously.

What is Distance Learning?

In a nutshell, distance learning is the educational process of receiving an education without having to be physically present in a classroom setting. Traditionally, the only way that students can receive an education is by attending their classes with a fixed schedule alongside their classmates.

But thanks to the developments in technology, educators realized that students could receive their education through online classes, with videos as the primary medium of instruction. Distance learning is also more flexible because it allows the students to create their own schedules based on their lifestyles and needs.

For instance, if you want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (BSIT) but prefer to have more flexibility to accommodate your work, you can look into BSIT online programs that will offer you the kind of schedule you want. Through this, you can devise a work-study schedule that won’t get in the way of your other responsibilities.

The Benefits of Online Schooling

Students have been juggling work and school for a long time, so this is not an entirely new concept of earning a degree. Most people would attend their classes in the morning and head to their part-time work afterward or vice versa. Many have successfully graduated from universities in this manner.

But just because lots of people have endured and succeeded the hard way doesn’t mean that you should, especially if there is an easier way to strike a balance between the two. With online school, you won’t have to worry about not having enough time for both of your responsibilities. Here are some benefits of distance learning that you should consider:

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Pro #1: You Can Save Money

Going to college is expensive not only because of the high tuition fees but also because you have to take the other costs into account. Among these are your dormitory or apartment, food, transportation, and the miscellaneous fees that will cover the costs of using the university’s amenities.

So, you’re paying for the entire college experience that you most probably will not enjoy because you’re spending all your free time working. But with online school, all you will have to pay for are the courses you’re taking. This easily eliminates all the miscellaneous fees that come with traditional schooling.

Pro #2: Your Learning Setup is Flexible

In a traditional college setting, you’re in charge of the classes you’re going to take every semester, which means that you have the freedom to fix your schedule however you want. But that still means that you need to show up on time and come to class every day until you graduate.

With distance learning, you won’t be bounded by physical limitations. Since you’re studying remotely, you can take your classes whenever and wherever you want. You can even get a degree from an international university if you wanted because you will receive your entire education through the internet.

Pro #3: You can Study and Work simultaneously

As mentioned earlier, studying while working is not new to society. But if you were to receive your entire education remotely, then you can do both without sacrificing one over the other. You can have a full-time job and earn your degree in your free time. This way, you won’t be compromising your education just because you have to earn a living.

So, if you’re caught between deciding to get a full-time job or earn your degree, keep in mind that it’s possible to have both. Also, remember that once you get your bachelor’s degree, you can open more doors that can give you a career with a higher salary range, which can help you take better care of your family.


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