Effective Job Hunting During The Pandemic

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Numerous industries have been hit hard by the pandemic, leading to many jobless during difficult times. If you are someone looking for work right now, be assured you can find a good one out there.

Pandemic or not, a job hunt is often basically a matter of knowing your skills and talents, looking around for the right opportunities, and, if needed, tapping available resources.

Here are some top tips you might want to keep in mind as you explore your options.

1. Do your research and personalize your applications

Before sending out your resumes and application letters, here’s a friendly reminder: do your homework first.

You must take your time and research the company and the position being offered so you can tailor-fit your application based on their values and qualifications.

The obvious challenge here, of course, is that this could be time-consuming. Still, the guarantee here is you’ll have higher chances of standing out among other applicants as you highlight relevant skills, training, and experiences that match what they’re looking for.

On top of that, you become more prepared for the interviews since you already know how to best present your strengths to them.

2. Be sure to check for typos


This may seem like a trivial thing, but making sure that your resumes and letters are free from any typographical errors can sometimes spell the difference between getting hired or not.

Nothing turns off prospective employers faster than glaring typos in an applicant’s resume. On the other hand, they will have the impression that you are a responsible, detail-oriented person if your grammar and spelling are flawless.

If you are the type who finds it hard to proofread your own writing, you can instead ask for help from your friends. People are often willing to help out someone looking for better employment opportunities.

3. Obtain some training

While waiting for a job offer, you can use your free time to check out available training on the internet. There are a lot of free or affordable ones out there.

This can help beef up your resume and will be to your advantage in the future. At the same time, you get to gain new skills and learn during the pandemic.

4. Invest in good equipment

Problem solving

Quality equipment has become a must during the pandemic as many companies have allowed their workers to do their tasks from home. If you’re going to be working from home, you must have the proper gear. A nice computer and a stable internet connection are considered essential for home-based work. In some jobs, you will need noise-canceling headphones or drawing tablets.

5. Establish a good online presence

This is something you should do way before you get started applying for jobs. Chances are, hiring managers will look you up online. As a job seeker, you should have an updated LinkedIn profile. For your social media pages, at least make sure that the top posts they will see are not things that will discourage them from hiring you. Besides, they are looking for people that will represent their company.

On the same note, ditch the unprofessional-looking email address when applying for a job. It would definitely be a terrible idea to use an email address you made way back in your school days. As a general rule, go for a name-based account that’s both simple and easy to remember.

6. Seek help from the experts

If all else fails, you may want to get help from professional coaches who can guide your job hunting journey. These experts can provide precious insights for people ranging from those simply looking for a new job or even those making a major career transition. They can offer direction as you set career goals and give you some much-needed boost to achieve those.

Do an online search specific to your area to find the best results. For example, you can type ‘life and career coaching in London’ if you live in the place, and you’ll see the top options right away.

As mentioned earlier, jog hunting during the pandemic can be a bit of a challenge, but with these steps in mind, you will have the chance to land a job that matches your skills and, at the same time, pays you well enough to provide for your family.

Be patient, look around, and evaluate your choices before making a decision and sending your application. That way, you can avoid making common job-hunting mistakes.

Best of luck with your job search!


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