Valid Reasons for Cutting Down Trees

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Trees are important for the environment and for us. They give us a variety of benefits, such as improving air quality and producing the oxygen that we need to breathe. They also provide food, protection, and habitat for many animals. From an economic perspective, trees act as a barrier against the cooling effects of winter winds. During summer, they can also act as shields against the sun, thereby reducing the costs that come with the cooling requirements of your home. When used as part of a property’s entire landscaping scheme, it can also greatly impact the resale value of a home.

Trees also have many social benefits. They add an aesthetic appeal to any property. Their beauty also has a de-stressing effect on people. In fact, some studies show that patients who have undergone surgery recover more quickly when the view from their hospital rooms offers a backdrop of trees. Children are also shown to learn more if they are given enough time to play in treelined spaces.

While the importance of trees cannot be argued, there may be times that trees need to be removed. Tree felling is the process of cutting down a tree from a public space or a home. Basically, the cutting is done by a professional who is licensed and has taken tree surgeon training courses from reputable institutions.

Below are some of the reasons why cutting down trees are important.


Sometimes, trees can die or become diseased. When they are dead or are suffering from certain conditions, they may pose a threat not only to the environment but to people and animals as well. Trees are like any other living thing; they can get certain ailments that can lead to their demise. Common tree problems, such as root damage, anthracnose, and leaf spots can make the trees unsightly and may be detrimental to their overall health. Some of these tree ailments can kill the trees, making them susceptible to falling at any time. To prevent them from creating damage on nearby homes and to keep them from hurting people and animals should they fall down without warning, they have to be cut down or felled.

Maintenance of Forest Health

Some tree diseases may be contagious. To prevent the spread of a certain disease in the forest, authorities may decide to cut down trees that are infected to protect the others. Insect infestation is also another reason. In some instances, trees can also get overcrowded, which can be damaging to the entire balance of the forest.

Overcrowding of trees can result in the plants not getting enough sunlight, water, and the needed nutrients. Consequently, plants that are growing underneath the overcrowded trees may not grow as they should.

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Increase Garden Space

Some private property owners may want to have the trees around their homes felled to expand the space of their gardens. In some instances, the location of the trees may not also be suitable for them. There are instances where the location of the trees can put the home at risk of damage during typhoons and other natural calamities. They may also cause structural damage to some parts of the home due to the growth of their roots. Some unsuitable species of trees may also affect the drainage and foundations of homes. In these cases, tree felling is essential.

Improve Aesthetic Appeal

Some property owners may want to enhance the overall outlook of their outdoor space. Some trees may prevent them from doing so. In this instance, they may opt to have the trees cut down, so they can better put to fruition the landscape design they want for their area. Felling down the trees can free up some space which they can use for installing other fixtures that can complement their entire design.

While cutting down trees is legal, it does not mean that anyone can just cut down any tree they want. There are laws governing the felling of trees. You have to check out the regulations concerning the cutting of trees in your area before you can proceed with any plan of tree felling. Some trees are protected by tree preservation laws, which prevent the cutting, topping, lopping, destroying, or uprooting of any tree in a particular area.

The cutting of trees in your vicinity, if permitted by law, should also be done by an authorized, licensed professional. The arborists, or tree felling professionals, know the step-by-step process of cutting down trees. They are also knowledgeable on the different laws protecting the trees in each area.


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