Gain Income, Lower Weight: Careers and Businesses in the Weight Loss Industry

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More people are becoming health-conscious, resulting in the rise of alternative diets, organic food, and other health trends — with the UK’s health and wellness industry amounting to a market value of almost €23B in 2018. However, despite this, obesity still affects a significant chunk of the population. In fact, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) noted that obesity affects 1 in 4 adults, as well as 1 in 5 children (between ages of 10-11). Moreover, obesity causes numerous health issues, increases the risk of various health complications, limits mobility, and can affect one’s social life and self-confidence.

So, if you wish to earn money while doing something worthwhile and wholesome, you may want to consider getting a career or starting a business in the weight loss industry, to help people achieve a healthier physique and improved quality of life. That said, here are a few select professions and enterprises under the weight loss industry for you to choose from:

Physical Trainer

If you’re into an active lifestyle, or simply enjoy doing physical activity, there are many jobs you can choose from to help people work out, sweat, and lose weight. You can work at a gym or fitness centre, or opt to be a personal trainer in your own fitness establishment, or be a house-call/at-home personal trainer to help those who prefer working out at the comforts of their own home. You’ll need to be certified in order to start practising as one, either as an employee or as a self-employed personal trainer.

Weight Loss Consultant

Weight loss consultants oftentimes work with a company offering products and/or services for weight loss. You don’t need a degree or job experience to be one, in fact, most companies require a high school diploma and finishing a training course to become a weight-loss consultant under them. Your job would entail taking measurements, asking certain lifestyle and dietary questions, and suggests changes to their diets as well as a general exercise regimen to help them lose weight.

Meal Planner

A similar profession to being a weight-loss consultant is being a meal planner — which also entails working under a nutrition and/or weight loss company, but you’ll need a college degree in nutrition or a related field as you’ll need more in-depth knowledge of food preparation and specialized diets.

Nutritional Therapist

Another similar profession is being a nutritional therapist, which requires you to finish a course in order to be qualified as one. This job allows you to work with more than just obese people, but also those who are underweight and have diet-related and non-diet-related health issues. The practice can basically be summarized as “Food as Medicine.” Those who are qualified can have access to numerous opportunities such as planning meals for groups and events, doing seminars, working in health and wellness centres, and so on.

Healthy Meal Delivery Business

For those who love to cook, you can start up your own healthy meal delivery service and offer a different customized menu for your customers. You’ll be able to serve professionals who are too busy to cook and wish to have a healthy meal for lunch, and even the entire day, and also those who are working/staying at home. You’ll need to have basic knowledge of nutrition, excellent cooking skills, and have your menu and meals planned by a dietitian or a similar qualified professional. This business can target anyone who wishes to eat healthily, and not just obese people that want to lose weight.


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These are only a few of the many professions and businesses you can enter into that helps people lose weight and maintain a healthy physique. So, hopefully, you can either choose one of these options or be inspired to look for other similar careers and enterprises that allows you to earn while helping people lose weight.


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