The Value of Early Childhood Development to Parents and Children


Children begin to learn even before they first step into a classroom. The experiences they have in the early stages of their lives contribute to their growth. The care they receive, the environment that surrounds them, and the relationships they develop all have a role in their development.

Many instructors and educators from a preschool educational program in Phoenix, Arizona explain that these early experiences play a part in building a child’s personality and psychological makeup; which makes the choice of a preschool a vital choice. The following are the reasons why early childhood development is at the forefront of a child’s education.

Rapid Brain Development

The brain develops rapidly during a child’s formative years. This is when they begin to see the world with their own eyes. They start to explore their surroundings, learn how to pronounce words or even say their first one, differentiate spaces and others. The type of stimulation they receive and the support provided by both caregivers and origins will make a lasting impact beyond their young life.

Nurturing Environment

The environment a child grows up in plays just an important role as their preschool years. The home is where it begins; parents who create a  nurturing environment let their child know that they can trust others and receive the support they need when it matters.

An environment that encourages teamwork and interaction builds life skills in a child early on. This type of upbringing enables them to transition into school and learn how to interact and collaborate with other children.

On the Road to Good Health

child nutrition

What you feed your child in their early stages of development will lay the foundation of their health for the years to come. Feeding them with the right kind of food helps in the development of their brain and body.

Other than nutrition, exercise and playtime enable a child to develop muscle coordination and movement. Physical activity even at an early age allows children to improve their agility and strength.

Positive Life Experiences

A toddler’s brain is very malleable at this stage in their life. Their experiences make an immediate impact. Positive experiences such as proper training, nurturing, interacting and even socializing lead to growth and development. The same is true for negative situations; these will adversely affect a child’s psychological state.

A foundation of positive experiences enable a child to adapt to changing environments, meeting other kids or adults, their ability to learn and their capacity to overcome negative circumstances. Parents play an important role in this aspect. They need to make time for their children and nurture them in a way that helps them grow.

Finding a Preschool Program

A partner in the development of your child is important; they are your partners in raising your children. Look for a program that will help your child grow in all learning areas such as their communication skills and cognitive skills. The program should also recognize the value of creativity and playtime in the development of your child. 


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