The Pursuit of Happiness Comes in All Shapes, Sizes, and Ages

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“Old dogs can’t be taught new tricks.” That’s what many people say, and it might discourage you from switching careers because of your age. But does it apply to education when every day you still learn something new through your interaction with other people and your response to different situations?

Rather than let everyone tell you that you can’t possibly switch careers at any age, prove them wrong. Pursue what it is that makes you happy.

Get That MBA

You’ve got your undergraduate degree, but you know you want to go further in your career, and the only way to get that promotion is to go to graduate school. It’s not you being greedy; it’s you knowing what you want and being passionate enough to work on it.

While others say that they are content where they are and they can do their job for 10 more years, you can get ahead if you work on getting that degree now.

Scared that your application to the program may be met with criticism, or worried that you may be out of touch with current trends? That’s what MBA application consultants are for. Take their presence as a sign that you should not be ashamed of wanting to achieve more. You have people to help you, and you’re the only one stopping yourself from fulfilling your dreams.

Leave That Job

Resigned employee packing her office thingsTell your family you want to leave your job and many of them will be worried that you’re having a midlife or quarter-life crisis. When you say your job isn’t making you happy anymore, they think you’re just being too picky.

Their reaction has more to do with how they were brought up than how you truly feel, and frankly, you’re the only one who can measure your own happiness. They may have felt secure with their job, or it might not have been possible for them to switch careers, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

It takes guts to admit that you want a new career, and it takes even more courage to start over. However, if it’s something you truly love, you’ll make it work against all odds.

Coordinate Your Family Planning With Your Career Goals

Everyone’s worried about the aging population of developed nations, but economists say that this is partly because people are making wiser decisions. For women, this might mean getting married late and having children even later. For men, this might mean pursuing that promotion rather than taking their relationship to the next level.

If you feel like starting a family is the next step in your life, and it will make you happy, go ahead and do it. Get your finances sorted out and settle down.

It hardly seems logical that you are told you cannot learn new “tricks” when everyone does, albeit in an informal, everyday setting. Listen to yourself before you let others tell you what you can’t do.


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