When a DUI Offense is Not the End

Person drinking while driving

There are so many horror stories from people who have been arrested for driving under the influence and have gone to a DUI traffic school in Arizona or some other state as part of their sentence. If you read any of those, you’ll only make yourself feel nervous and intimidated. The best thing for you to do is focus all your attention on studying and regaining your license, and NOT on fear or nervousness.

Additionally, you need to practice good driving skills, patience and self-discipline every day even for a few minutes. Go out with a companion and ask them to help you review your DUI program. There are people and organizations who are ready to help you, so you will not become a repeat offender.

Traffic School

If you have been convicted of a DUI, this becomes a requirement you need to attend after receiving a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). There are no online courses and you need to complete it within 60 days upon receiving the letter. It is often an eight-hour course that helps drivers review their skills and learn more on how to deal with other difficult situations on the road.

These include learning the rules of defensive driving and knowing how to deal with troublesome drivers and irritating traffic situations. Some schools have videos and presentations that make it simpler for you to review traffic laws and regulations. Most traffic schools also do not have tests, so the only thing you need to worry about is your attendance.

Defensive Driving

These are additional driving skills you will need to review in many traffic schools. These skills will help you to focus and identify possible problematic situations due to weather, other drivers, and road accidents. These also include reviewing state traffic laws and adequate safety precautions when driving.

DUI Programs

Man blowing the breathalyzerAside from your time at Traffic School, the court may require you to attend a DUI program. These programs are often required when the defendant was under the influence of alcohol or any addictive substance. These are government sponsored programs that help anyone convicted of a DUI to recover their driving privileges and prevent a second offense.

These include the Wet Reckless Program, First Offenders Program, 18-month Program, and 30-month Program. These are all designed for different kinds of offenders, so their psychological and medical needs are considered. Punishment is often in the form of community service, to make people feel more responsible for commuters, pedestrians, and other drivers.

A DUI Offense is Not the End

Some people think that a DUI offense is the end of their driving lifestyle. But if you work on your weaknesses, and make the best of the programs and traffic school, you are sure to regain your driving privileges and get your license back.

Learn from all of your mistakes and practice what you learn in traffic school. You may not be the best driver, but you could be one of the most responsible on the road because you made a mistake and learned from it.


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