Strategies to Improve Sales Team Performance

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Businesses should make the most of their sales team to ensure their business is working towards its full potential. Salespeople should be equipped with the right skills in order to operate efficiently and effectively in an environment where they may be exposed to constant rejection and frustration. Sales managers can improve team output by exploring sales training courses that build additional skills for salespeople and by setting clear and achievable objectives.

Company and Team Goal

A company’s sales strategy needs to include the type and number of salespeople required to achieve each particular goal. This way, hiring managers will only look for those individuals with skills that adequately reflect business needs. However, with hiring for a sales team, some sales negotiation skills will always be necessary. Other skills can be developed with training sessions later.

Sales teams should set and fulfill their sales targets together. These targets should be reasonable, as failure to accomplish unrealistic goals can demotivate a team. Every salesperson should have a determined level of sales and contribution to ensure their expected output and goals are clear from the beginning.

Additionally, sales teams need to allocate responsibility for various accounts, products, and geographical territories among a sales team. This reduces confusion and ensures salespeople are knowledgeable and capable of fulfilling the assignments they are given.

Sales managers should also conduct regular performance appraisals for salespeople to monitor their individual progress. This may involve individual meetings where objectives and performance are discussed.


A sales team holds massive potential to harm or benefit a business. As such, each member needs to be carefully selected. A sales manager, in particular, should have adequate leadership skills for their role. It may also be beneficial to involve existing team members during recruitment for additional input on the candidate’s fitness for the job.

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In addition, companies can consider employing competitive remuneration as a way to attract, retain, and motivate employees who are performing well. It is a way to strike a balance between basic and incentive pay. Emerging firms may be more suited to low basic and high commission pay plans because this limits the amount of fixed salary costs while continuing to provide incentives to employees.

Implemented properly, remuneration encourages healthy competition and encourages salespeople to provide greater customer care. Incentive pay is a reflection of various business objectives and of the different challenges presented by the sales environment.

Training and Development

Sales managers can improve contact expertise and negotiation skills of their team with adequate and relevant training courses. New salespeople, especially, need support and help in developing their listening and speaking skills.

Salespeople should be provided with the right sales materials, equipment, and training necessary for them to do their jobs effectively. Training programs can be individual or group-based. Receiving feedback and motivation will allow salespeople to overcome their problems, build on their strengths, and work on areas for further improvement.

Companies that improve their sales teams by improving their skills and setting appropriate objectives can increase bottom line and encourage greater retention.


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