Tips for Inspiring Kids to Write

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Many think that writers are born, not made. However, if you come to think of it, a lot of writers are self-trained. They pursue what they want, and they love sharing stories. Nothing can stop a persistent writer. This is something that you might want to instill in the minds of your kids when you see some potential in them.

Great writers emerge from a lot of experiences in life. They grow because others believe in their abilities to tell a tale, to entertain, and to make people feel things. If you are a teacher or parent who thinks that your student or child exhibits some potential, it is your job to cultivate it. Otherwise, the world might miss the next Hemingway, Shakespeare, or Rowling. There are some ways to encourage your child to write. If you do not know where to start, here are some useful pointers:

Teach them the value of reading

If you want your kids to become better at writing, you need to teach them the value of reading. Reading will expose them to different scenarios and plotlines that can even inspire them to create new twists and turns. Reading also helps broaden their vocabulary, which will aid them to create variation and tone in their sentences and dialogues. More importantly, they will learn the different writing styles that they can try adopting while they are young. When you give them books, you should start with age-appropriate materials that have won awards.

Give them some writing exercises

Writing, just like any other skill, will need some sharpening. Otherwise, your kid’s talent will become rusty. It should become second nature, and that can only happen if they continuously do it. To include writing to their daily life, you might want to have some writing exercises for them. Before studying or every morning, you can give them some writing prompts. For example, you can tell them to write a 40-word story about a frog. That way, they will be challenged to make up something good out of a mundane topic.

Publish their works

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Nothing excites kids more than seeing their works published and appreciated. If you want them to be inspired, you can have their stories published with the help of an online storybook creator. Or if your kid wants to be a playwright, you can materialize their short play by having a mini-theater at school or home.

Have them undergo a workshop

You might know a thing or two about writing, but if you want your kids to be the best, you might want to have them undergo a special writing workshop. A lot of summer camps or even post-school tutorials offer writing workshops designed for kids. This way, they will be able to get expert knowledge from professionals.

In the end, great or prolific writers are not born; they are made. They become who they are when people around them support them. Support happens when you believe in their abilities to tell a story and touch hearts.

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