How to Encourage Your Students to Write

Teacher teaching kids to write

Writing is a great way for anyone to express his or her ideas and creativity. In a classroom setting, it is your role as an educator to motivate your students to write and enhance their natural ability. But how do you encourage young children to come up with book project ideas on their own?  Here are a few ways to inspire your students to hone their talent.

Help them see themselves as authors

Do some exercises that will make them feel like authors. Celebrate their victories in writing, no matter how small, by praising their work. Doing so will encourage them to be better at their craft every day.

Praise them in their triumphs

No matter how big or small their triumphs may be, recognizing their hard work will give them the morale boost that they need. One tip is to hold weekly awards inside your classroom to recognize their work.

Ask them to review each other’s work

Let your students go through each other’s work as a part of their class activities. This will allow them to help each other get better in their writing and at the same time, learn from each one’s errors. Let them speak their mind. As they do this, provide guidance by discussing the whole writing process. Give them guidelines on choosing a topic, making an outline, and writing a proper introduction and conclusion.

Do not be too stern

Let your students commit a few mistakes so that they can learn from it. When they write their first draft, keep in mind that they only focus on the ideas and transmitting them on paper. So, you can check their spelling and grammar soon after.

Let them revise their work

Little boy writing at schoolAfter you have commented on their first draft, ask your students to revise what they have written, with your and their classmates’ comments in mind. They should understand that writing takes practice and they can only improve their craft by writing successive drafts.

Encourage them to create their own folklore

Kids love hearing myths. This is why it is a great idea to encourage them to write folktales and fairy tales. They can get their inspiration from the existing ones in the library or ask them to weave their very own. Doing so will encourage them to be more creative when it comes to writing.

Make it about them

You can encourage young children to open up about themselves and what they feel by having them put it into writing. For example, ask your students about their most recent vacation with their family. Or, ask them about the most memorable gift they have received from a friend. Then, tell them to write a short story about this.

Encouraging your students to write is a great way to hone their craft. Do a few hands-on writing activities that will motivate the children to be more creative and help them create stories on their own. It is always wonderful to be part of somebody else’s success even at an early age.


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